Salerno Foods Sauces

Goumet Pasta Sauces

When it comes to food companies, Salerno Foods Sauces is expressively creative and deliberately original. All three sauces are made with all natural, non gmo crushed tomatoes, freshly chopped local herbs and 100% extra virgin organic olive oil. We do not use oil blends, added sugar, gluten or preservatives of any kind.   

We are committed to helping foster care kids in CO by donating a portion of our profits quarterly as well as holding "Cookiing with Conversation " classes where we can teach healthy eating habits to the kiddos.

Find us at any Whole Foods in CO and in Safeway in April 2018

Also, At specialty stores...Mondo Foods in CO as well  as and on Amazon and

Three Specialty Sauces...

Our Marinara is appreciated by children as well as adults for its purity and simplicity. Clients use it as a base for  meat sauces as well as a pizza sauce.

Our Puttanesca has an olive and caper base and the quartered artichokes and roasted red peppers give it depth. Enjoy this sauce on a grilled white fish or grilled chicken with pasta and greens.

Lastly, our Arrabbiata is a fan favorite due to its chipotle base and chunks of tomato. Enjoy this sauce on everthing from eggs in the morning, as a bruscetta topping, pizza topping, or on mussels and shrimp  with pasta!

 Molto Buono! 


Salerno's Puttanesca sauce with seafood is delicious. I loved the texture with the olives and capers!.

My kids don't like any other marinara but Salerno's Marinara!!